Saturday, August 14, 2010

Preparing for a Myomectomy??

Here's a list that I created for a friend who is preparing for a myomectomy. I thought it would be helpful for her! Maybe it will be helpful for you too!!

Myomectomy Surgery Preparation

I. Week Before Surgery

 Get groceries

i. Foods/Snacks you like

ii. Prune Juice (you may have trouble going to the bathroom after surgery); my troubles lasted about 3 weeks!

iii. Soft foods for post surgery (I couldn't eat solid foods for more than a week!)

1. Jell-O

2. Pudding

3. Chicken Broth

4. Soups

5. Crackers

 Sign up for Netflix/Collect DVDs - you'll get bored at home quickly!

 Buy/Get Magazines and Books

 Buy disposable plates/utensils/cups

i. Makes clean up easier

 Get Husband Pillow (will need it to prop you up in the bed/couch b/c you won’t be able to lay down for weeks)

 Get a tray to put your lunch/dinner/computer on

 Buy Spanx or Binder (you can get a binder at Babies R Us) this is used to hold your stomach in after surgery - this will also help your posture; I walked like a hunchback for 2 weeks until I started wearing the binder, then the spanx

 Buy Vitamin E

i. You can put on the scar to help clear it up faster

 Get prescriptions filled

 Buy granny panties (yes, granny panties)!

i. Will need panties that lay below or above scar (you’ll prefer above)

 Shave your legs

i. Will not be able to bend to shave legs for at least 2 weeks!

 Get a hand held shower head (easier to shower for the 1st few days)

 Pack for hospital

i. Bring a bath robe (it’s cold in the hospital)

ii. Bring socks and slippers/flip flops

iii. Bring cellphone charger

iv. Keep license and insurance card out and separate

v. Bring your pain meds to the hospital (make them give these to you while you’re in hospital to see how your body takes the meds)

 Email people your contact information for visits and designate a family member or friend to be the primary contact for people to check on you

i. You don’t want a million calls right after surgery

 Email key people each other’s contact information

i. For example if a friend comes in from out of town to help you, make sure they have your husband’s phone number

 Set up a schedule for the first 3 weeks for your visitors

i. List who is approved to come to hospital/house

ii. Make sure that you have enough people bringing lunch dinner at least for the first 2 weeks

 Ensure that someone has your insurance information

 Make a few dinners and freeze them

II. Day Before Surgery

 Each lunch by noon

 Do not eat anything after that, unless it’s on the approved list

 Follow pre-surgery prep exactly

 Turn on your out of office message at work

III. While In Hospital – Post Surgery


 Turn your phone off

 Try to stand up the day of surgery

 Begin walking the next day, as soon as they take the catheter out

 Use breathing machine as directed

 Walk every few hours

i. If you are too weak to walk by yourself, MAKE the nurses walk you or walk with a strong family member or friend

ii. Don’t push yourself too hard

 When you leave, make sure you bring at least 3 or 4 pillows from the hospital. You will need it to cover your stomach on the drive home (bumps hurt!)

 Make sure they give you the same pain meds that you will have at home while you’re in the hospital

IV. While Home – Post Surgery

 Walk everyday! Try to walk a little further each day

 You may have a few setbacks b/c you did too much the day before, that’s ok!

 Ask visitors to stay no longer than an hour or two (visitors are exhausting)

 Ask visitors to do stuff for you (wash dishes, sweep floors, etc.)

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  1. Hello Leah,
    I hope you still respond to this blog. I am a 32 yr old African American Woman who is struggling with uterine fibroids. I was diagnosed with them a few years ago but was suggested to "watch and wait". Earlier this summer I began to have pelvic pain and discomfort and had another ultra sound which showed that they had grown in size and number. I wanted to know how you dealt with pre-op emotions. I don't know if its my hormones or other issues but I have been really down and depressed since learning about my fibroids and dealing with the discomfort. My surgery is scheduled for a couple of weeks but I just can't go like I use to and it has been hard for me. Thanks for the the suggestions as to what to do before and after surgery.